Resident Engineering Services- NYCDDC Project GE353: Installation of Water Main Extension/Replacement in Brooklyn and Queens near NYC Transit Facilities

ZI Engineering, P.C. provided REI Services as a Joint Venture Team with JED Engineering, P.C. for the installation of water main at various locations in Brooklyn and Queens, NY. Work was located in the following community boards: Brooklyn: CB 1, 2 and 6, Queens: CB 9 and 14. Key activities included: coordination with TA and other involved agencies, performance of inspection to ensure that the materials and the workmanship were in compliance with the contract documents (e.g., water mains were not contaminated during the installation, sampling of water after installation); the residents were informed of water shutdowns, water was restored to them after the water mains were installed, and the overall work progressed as scheduled.

Resident Engineering Services- NYCDDC Project HWQ213C -Reconstruction of Main Street, Flushing NY

ZI Engineering, PC provided REI Services as a Joint Venture Prime for the Federally funded project involving the reconstruction of Main Street in Flushing NY, between 37th Ave and 41st Road, including the section under LIRR overhead bridge. The project consisted in the installation of a new catch basin, inlet and a manhole, removal and replacement of a fire hydrant, relocation of water mains, full width sidewalk and roadway replacement, including new bus pads. The work was mostly done at night due to its location in a high pedestrian and vehicular traffic area.

Construction Management Services -Reconstruction of Greenway Blvd, Valley Stream NY

ZI Engineering, PC has provided Construction Inspection Services to the Town of Hempstead for the construction of Greenway Boulevard in the Town of Valley Stream, Long Island NY. The construction location is a single-house residential area in Long Island.

The work involved the following key elements along the Greenway Boulevard and associated intersecting roads: concrete sidewalks, concrete curb & gutter, driveways, aprons, new asphalt pavement, and lawn restoration.

Construction Management Services – Reconstruction of Clearmeadow Drive, Town of Hempstead NY

ZI Engineering, PC has provided Construction Inspection Services to the Town of Hempstead for the construction of Clearmeadow Drive in the Town of East Meadow, Long Island NY – a residential area. The work included the repaving of approximately 3,100 SF of concrete sidewalk; 20,000 LF of concrete curb and gutter; 18,700 SF of driveway concrete aprons; 3,300 CU YD of new asphalt pavement; and 5,600 sq yard of lawn restoration. The work was done in accordance with the specifications of the Nassau County Department of Public Works and the Town of Hempstead.

Project Management Services – DASNY – Dyckman Laundry Room Renovation in Manhattan, NY

ZI Engineering, P.C. is providing project management services in association with the general contractor for the construction of the Dyckman House Laundry Facility, which is in a 14-story residential NYCHA development in Manhattan, NY. The work involves the installation of 18 new washing machines and 7 dryer machines, the construction of the concrete pad outside the building for exhaust duct support, the installation of the heating ventilation unit with outdoor air intake louver, motorized volume damper, fire damper and supply duct, and two 225A rated panelboards for equipment and lights.

Project management services – The Hotel @ Times Square in Manhattan, NY

ZI Engineering, PC is providing project management services for façade and structure repairs of a 13-story hotel located in Manhattan, NY. The construction work involves replacement of structural steel beams and brick masonry walls, replacement of steel lintels, reinforcement and strengthening of existing structures, repairs of spalled stones and repointing of the mortar joints in both brick and stone.